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You want to move to France, but are still looking for a professional moving company in Canada. can help you with quick and easy options for finding the right mover to help you. offers you the opportunity to compare international moving and shipping companies from your region which will help you organize your overseas move to France.

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Immigration to France
For citizens of Canada a visa is needed to emigrate to France. There are three basic visa types to choose from. You have to determine which visa fits you the best:

  • Student visa
  • Long-stay visa
  • Work permit visa

Be sure to request the visa at least one month before your relocation, preferably several months before your move to France. It is handy if you have additional copies with you so if three copies are required, it is a good idea to have five with you.

Other requirements for a long stay visa:

  • Proof of a monthly amount of money of 1000 Euro per adult
  • Financial guarantees such as:
    • Letter from your bank which showing that you will be supported
    • Justification of retirement pension
  • Passport (valid for 3 month after your last intended day of stay)
  • 4 visa application forms signed and filled out
  • A minimum of 3 recent passport size photographs
  • A proof of residence in your current country
  • Proof of a non-criminal past
  • Medical insurance

In addition, requirements are dependent upon your intentions in France.

To apply for a working permit you will need to obtain a contract from a French company or an international company operating in France. Further requirements are similar to those of the long stay visa application.

If you are planning on emigrating to France then there are goods restrictions for bringing in to the country:

  • Arms and/or ammunition
  • Pets
  • Protected species
  • Meat
  • Plants
  • Narcotics and psychotropic substances
  • Medicine
  • Precious metal
  • Bogus goods

Living and property
The rental costs in France are, as with every other country, mostly influenced by your choice of area that you are going to move to. The rental costs in the big cities like Paris can be extremely high, so be prepared!

In the city center of Paris, some indicative pricing for rentals is as follows:

  • 11,500 Euro per square near the Champs-Elysée
  • 12,000 Euro per square in Marais
  • 14,000 Euro per square in Saint Germain

A common rental term agreement is 3 years, but the period of tenancy can vary.  The tenant is protected by the French law. People who have temporally financial problems cannot be simply evicted by the landlord. In light of this, landlords will often demand a rent loss insurance, salary slips, bank statements and tax forms. In some cases parents or third persons have to provide bail for the tenant.

The landlord is often acts as the broker directly, but you have to consider that already the pre-contract is binding so it is commonly recommended that you consult with a notary before entering in to any lease contracts.

Working in France
Compared to some other western European countries, the unemployment rate in France is considerably high (around 9%). The good news is that there are a number of large international companies who demand employees who speak native English.

Once you secure a job, you can envisage a minimum wage (called "SMIC" - "Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance") of 8.82 Euro per hour and 1,337.70 Euro per month. The average working week is 35-40 hours per week. There is a ruling of a maximum of 60 hours per week and/or 10 hours a day is not allowed.

Radio License Fee
In France a radio license fee has to be paid. But in most cases the salesperson will register your devices for you. So you don’t have to care about the registration of you radio or TV.

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Thanks to good connections and years of dedicated hard work in the branch of international moving, you can be confident that the moving companies on will help organize and expedite your move to France responsibly and professionally.

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Via you can easily request quotes and compare the quotes of different moving and shipping companies. With just one click you can generate up to 6 quote responses from international moving companies. After you have compared their services on offer, you can more easily choose the best fitting company for your needs. Better yet, if the quotes do not meet your needs there is absolutely no obligation to choose any of them at all.  Once you have made a decision, you simply need to reply to them directly to arrange or obtain more specific information about your overseas move to France.


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