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Find international moving companies quickly and easily for your move to Mexico. Moving is  a big step and as with any overseas move, moving to Israel is a big task. The international moving companies on will help you in organizing your move and will transport your business and personal goods safely to Israel.

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Emigrating to Israel
The emigration opportunities can be divided into two categories – opportunities for Jewish people and non-Jewish people. Jewish people have several options to emigrate to Israel:

  • Birth
    This option can be considered if you were either born in Israel to at least one parent who is holding an Israeli citizenship, born outside Israel to at least one parent who is holding an Israeli citizenship or born in Israel without any citizenship.

  • The law of return
    Jewish people have available to them the law of return. That means that Israel allows every Jew to come back to his “country of origin”. You are Jewish if you are either a child or grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew, the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew or converted to the Judaism.

  • Residence
    This is an option for former citizens of the British Mandatory Palestine.

  • Naturalization
    Adults can acquire the Israeli citizenship if they already lived 3 out of 5 years in Israel and prove that they are going to stay permanently, as well as renounce their prior nationality.

If you are not Jewish, you have the opportunity to emigrate to Israel. A valid passport and a visa are required. There are some different visa types amongst you have to choose which best fits your intent:

  • Tourist visa
    For private purposes such as a vacation, visiting relatives, sightseeing, etc.

  • Business visa
    For people who wish to enter Israel for business purposes such as investment, negotiations, transactions, commercial, mass media, etc.

  • Diplomatic or official travel visa
    For members of organizations and agencies which are duly registered at the government.

  • Work or study visa
    For people who want to enter Israel for work or study reasons such as employment, promotion, studies, research, seminars, etc.

  • Transit visa
    For people who wish to stop over Israel before they are reaching their final destination

  • Collective visa
    For groups between 5 and 50 people.

There are also two types of permits that you can qualify for:

  • Working permit
    All foreigners who intend to work or invest in Israel are required to obtain a working permit

  • Residence permit
    For all people who are working or investing in Israel and their family members

Living and working in Israel
The Israeli working week is officially fixed to 42 hours and runs from Sunday to Thursday. Some Israelis also work a half a day on Friday, but government offices are closed on Friday.

The seventh day of the Jewish week is Saturday, which is the resting day in the Judaism. On this day the government offices are also closed as well as most shops. In contrast, social and entertainment venues such as restaurants, bars or cinemas are usually open and are very lively.

In Israel, the currency is Shekel (IS) or new Shekel (NIS). One Canadian Dollar is approximately 3.7 shekels.

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The international moving companies on will take care of your move to Israel. Thanks to their many years of experience in moving to and from Israel, they know and understand the processes necessary to ensure efficient and reliable transportation of your personal and business goods to Israel.

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