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Immigrating to Mexico
The visas to emigrate to Mexico are divided into two categories:

  • Non-immigrant permits
  • Immigrant permits

The non-immigrant permits are for people who are immigrating to Mexico for a special purpose and then leave to return to their country of origin again. In contrast, the immigrant permits will allow you to stay for a longer period of time.

The Non-immigrant permits are:

  • FMM - short-term non-immigrant Visa
  • FM3 - long-term non-immigrant Visa

An Immigrant permit is:

  • FM2 - the immigrant Visa (for one year, has to be refreshed each year)

To obtain the Mexican “immigrant” status or a Mexican citizenship you have to pass a qualifying period while holding our FM2 visa. This period of time can vary depending on your living circumstances. In this qualifying period you have to apply for a full residency status. As soon as your full residency status has been accepted you can apply for your Mexican citizenship.

A card similar to a driver’s license is issued as proof of your Mexican immigration status. You will then be allowed to cross all borders like a Mexican citizen.

The following persons may apply for a FM2 visa:

  • Retirees
  • Investors
  • Professionals
  • Technical or Scientific Professions
  • Artists and Sports People

Documents you may need to apply for a visa for Mexico include:

  • Your passport and two copies of all pages contained within (including all blank pages!)
  • Current visa and a copy
  • Your Escritura or Fedeicomiso and a copy
  • Proof of homeownership (if you have one)
  • Personal letter asking for the visa (in Spanish) and a copy
  • Passport photos (2 profile, 2 full face frontal)
  • Proof of income F
  • orm Solicitud De Trámita Migratio and a copy
  • FM1 form
  • Form Declaration General De Pago De Derecho and a copy
  • Birth and marriage certificate (may not be required)

If you want to take your car with you to Mexico, you will need the following documents:

  • Registration and bill of sale
  • Letter with special documents in Spanish, you have to request the information about this in Oaxaca
  • Copies of your entry visa plus your new visa, passport, Importación and Certificate of Title
  • Credit card and an insurance certificate that is valid in Mexico to bring car across the border

Living in Mexico
Depending on where you are and what you do, living in Mexico is likely cheaper than in Canada. As with most situations, it really depends on your lifestyle.  ‘Luxury goods’ such as cars, telephones, mobile phones and air conditioning will increase your cost of living. In contrast, the cost of most grocery items are cheaper than in Canada (as well as the US and Europe).

Depending on where you are relocating to, you should consider your available access to piped water. It is not expensive but in some regions it may not be potable, which will require you to purchase bottled water. This is commonly available in 20 litre bottles.

Accommodation costs can actually be higher than in some comparable Canadian cities. The rental costs are affected by a number of aspects. If an area is popular with expats and foreigners, then the immediate reaction is that rental costs generally increase because of demand. You can also find quality accommodation in pleasant and safe areas for lesser rental amounts.

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Thanks to years of experience in moving homes and businesses between Canada to Mexico, the international moving companies on will help you arrange your move to Mexico. You can feel reassured and trust that your move will go smoothly because the moving company will manage everything for you.

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Receive quick quotes from up to 6 moving companies via With only one click, your request makes contact with them all at the same time. They will reply your request directly with a quote that is specific to your needs. You will find your best offer by comparing the cost-benefit ratio. Once you have made your decision, you should contact the moving company directly to make further arrangements about your moving requirements.


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